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Individual Health

As a Registered Massage Therapist, most people come to me for pain and stress relief. For your individual health sessions you will be provided with: (1) natural pain relief through massage and/or hot stone therapy, marma therapy and yoga. (2) a better understanding of the nature of your discomfort and how to manage it. (3) wellness recommendations to maintain or improve your overall health by assessing your individual lifestyle and diet. (4) when appropriate, a referral to another health professional for the betterment of your health. More

Workplace Health

Inviting health promoting services into your work environment brings a sense of joy and relief to everyone. I provide yoga at your work to unwind your mental and physical stress. If space is an issue, chair yoga is an option. Each class is designed to benefit everyone involved, from the beginner to the advanced devotee. Your requirements will be assessed and a class or series of classes will be designed to suit your needs. Yoga will keep your body balanced, your mind fit and your spirits uplifted. More

Spiritual Health

Through knowledge and appropriate actions, change for the good of all is possible. For many, the practice of yoga, pranayama (breath awareness) and meditation brings forth greater self-awareness and thus, tools for bringing about change in us and hence around us. Embarking on this can bring you contentment, joy and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Please consider accepting this invitation to the Art of Living Foundation, a non-profit, humanitarian organization that will provide you many opportunities for nurturing yourself and the world. More