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Individual Health (Appointments at Truestar Health)


$130 1.5 hours

Your consultation gives me an opportunity to evaluate your pain or discomfort, assess your overall health history and your current health. You will receive an initial treatment and a protocol you can readily follow to decrease your pain and maintain progress. You will be provided with a report outlining recommendations for re-establishing your daily routine, if affected, and maintenance protocols via wellness based practices through diet, lifestyle, yoga and high-quality supplements, if necessary. You may be referred to other health professionals to assist in your care, such as a Naturopath Doctor, Chiropractor or Personal Trainer.

Body Treatments & Yoga (Individual)

$40 - $95

The following services are based on the ancient practice and science of Yoga and Ayurveda. Ayurveda translates as "the science or knowledge of life", ayu is life, veda is knowledge. The body treatments take into consideration the physical body and the subtle body complex with therapies that enhance blood & lymph circulation and the reception and flow of prana in the nadis, the subtle channels of the body.  Prana is the "life force" and can be linked to being the ultimate healing factor for all ailments.

Transdermal Marma Therapy
Abhyanga Massage (full-body)
Vishesh (deep massage)
Karna Purna
(ear treatment)
Shirodhara (warm oil over forehead)
Dr. Mishra's Facial (All-natural facial with anti-aging herbs)
Hatha Yoga:
Sri Sri Yoga:
1hr gentle yoga
Power Yoga:
20 minutes

Go to Ayurveda and Yoga page for details.

Registered Massage Therapy:

$50 30m / $70 45m / $85 1hr / $105 75m / $130 90m

Massage Therapy is the assessment and treatment of your soft tissues, muscles and joints due to injury or repetitive strain. Your treatment can involve massage, gentle joint mobilization, myofascial release, stretching, hydrotherapy and craniosacral techniques. I will suggest self-care techniques to restore tissue, muscle and joint health such as stretching and/or strengthening techniques, epsom salt baths and hydrotherapy such as heat/cold pack, sauna, steam, whirlpool or swimming.

Natural Pain Reilief from:Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Repetitive Strain, Sciatica, Sleeplessness, Stress,
Pain from Cancer and Diabetes

Workplace Health

We will discuss your needs and the purpose of creating health and wellness in your environment. This may include Lunch and Learn Programs, Chair Massage, Yoga Sessions and Meditation with our affiliates.

On-Site Yoga: Group

$70 and up

Each session includes a series of postures, breathing techniques and a relaxation period. Classes are based on your needs. Styles taught include Hatha, Sri Sri Yoga, Power Yoga and Kids Yoga.

Lunch and Learn:

$95 and up

Choose from various topics related to Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Injuries and Pain Management.

Chair Massage:

$70 and up

In affiliation with Patrick Connon, RMT, Chair Massage is now available to you and your employees bringing relief to key areas of tension such as the back and shoulders. Chair Massage Practitioners and Registered Massage Therapists available. Insurance Receipts given only by RMTs. Contact Patrick (647)232-7900


Spiritual Health

Sri Sri Yoga, Sahaj Meditation and the Art of Living Basic Course are taught by Art of Living teachers. Please visit for more information.


$50 - $85 On-Site, Individual

Individual home/ofice sessions will further develop your yoga practice. Taught by Certified Yoga Teachers.

Hatha Yoga: $85 Postures & Relaxation Period 75 min

Sri Sri Yoga: $85 Gentle Postures & Relaxation Period 75 min

Power Yoga: $50 For strength and flexibility 20 min



Sri Sri Yoga Course:

5-day Course Group

You can host this course in your home, office, church or community centre or contact us below for the next course happening near you. Sri Sri Yoga integrates elements from the different paths of yoga (Path of Devotion, Path of Selfless Service, Path of Knowledge and Path of Mental Discipline) to create a gentle but vigorous series of postures taught in a pure, joyful and thorough manner. An equal emphasis is placed on nurturing the mind and spirit, helping you return to your natural joyful self.

Sahaj Meditation:

3-day Course Group

Taught by Art of Living teachers, Sahaj Meditation brings relaxation and inner peace to the practitioner. To first experience, then master this valuable tool is to embrace the sweetness of life.

Art of Living Basic Course:

5-day Course

This course defies description as it must be experienced! Taught worldwide to millions of people reporting many benefits in all areas of their life.

Vedic Astrology Reading


I highly recommend Blaine Watson for your personal reading. Intelligent, witty and accurate, Blaine has brought his wisdom and vast knowledge of Vedic Astrology to thousands of people worldwide.

For courses in Toronto call Abhi (416)312-2708 or go to
For other countries go to the international website,