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What Clients Say

"I have relished and enjoyed several of Evangeline’s treatments. These treatments have been full of care, which I have found to be nurturing and rejuvenating. Evangeline takes a personal interest in your health. While in her care, she ensures that you feel the full physical and mental benefit of her professional attention. I would highly recommend Evangeline as an extremely competent health professional." Susan

"An attentive and articulate professional, Evangeline took the time to learn about my lifestyle, including my exercise and nutrition regimens, and created a customized session I have enjoyed several times in the past months. I look forward to returning to Evangeline frequently and refer her to anyone seeking peace of mind and physical comfort, regardless of their lifestyle or age. Thanks to Evangeline, I now have a relaxing and sure-fire way to pamper myself while helping to maintain my wellness and fitness levels-a great combination." Evan

"I very much enjoy the monthly visits by Evangeline. It’s always something to look forward to because her company is very comforting." Tiffany

"It took us along time to find a highly skilled professional like Evangeline. It’s truly a blessing that we have Evangeline treating our family." Colin

"I am just so very grateful since the day I met you Evangeline; true to your name, you do spread love and joy to everyone you meet. You have given me so much, your advice, your support and best of all your belief in me and I only hope I can return the favour someday. Your home visit has always been a little piece of heaven and a temporary haven for me. Thank your from the bottom of my heart." Virginia